Charisma Bhutan Tours & Treks holidays span every corner of Bhutan. Without compromising on the quality of our trips, we have tirelessly catered to travelers over a decade. We are invariably unique experiences most concern of our value guest. While Bhutan is an exclusive destination, it is how you travel that sets your holidays apart.

Traveling with a company as experienced as we are adds a strong element of safety and security to your journey. You’re in great hands every step of the way. We have been in the travel business for more than a decade and understand that your preferences must be taken care of. We manage with precision and care for your comfort and safety.

Your care is our concern. Thus, we have at our disposal emergency services, such as helicopters, which could be used as and when required.

While efficiency is very important for us, we also know that economy should be considered. Thus, our pricing are very competitive.

Note: Though we have our packages, we are ever ready to customize these according to the wishes and desires of our guests. You can thus blend a cultural trip with a trek or vice-versa.


For Regional Tourists

Does not have to pay the international tourist tariff to visit Bhutan. Goods and travel services are consumed on their own discretion. Regional tourists are Indian, Bangladesh and Maldivian national. So Indians, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals can obtain a visa at the port of entry on producing a valid passport with a minimum of 6 month validity or VIC.

However, we Charisma Bhutan Tours & Treks Company have seen that it was difficult to provide quality services and security in Bhutan, when they travel on their own. We also found out that our regional tourist were not able to experience and explore our unique culture, age-old customs and traditions besides the attractions and offerings that Bhutan has.

So, tourists are encouraged to hire guides and come through local tour agent like Charisma Bhutan Tours & Treks we treat tourists as our guests and they should not be left on their own.

We specialized in Regional Tourist with competitive price that will make our regional tourist to travel with us explore more than anything. We have every necessary provisions and knowledge to ensure and look after the visitors with great care and guidance. The company would provide all the necessities with trust and safety.

Entry fees for tourist visiting sites

There are few tourist sites and museums where you need to pay entry fees. The fee varies from Rs.100 to Rs.300 per person.

However the fee for visiting Taktsang monastery has been revised to Rs.500 per person but students can avail 50% discount on producing valid student identity cards.

Tour Packages

Chose any of the tour packages mentioned in Charisma Bhutan Tours & Treks. Select one and mail us to get detail about the tour packages or if you have any other specific requirements, do mention it to us; we will be happy to customize your tour according to your need and desire.