This story is believed to be occurred in the forest of Kashika near Vanarasi, during the time of king Tsangjin. In the forest of kashika near vanarsi. There lived these four animals, they were comparing their age who is older. Elephant said that the tree was size of me when he came in this forest, and the monkey said that it was in his size, rabbit said the it was of his size where he drank the dew from the leave and the bird said that the seed was dropped by bird. So the bird was the oldest and follows the rabbit.


The picture Symbolize:

  • Peace and Harmony
  • Faith and respect



  • Bird: Buddha
  •  Rabbit: Sharibu/Shariputra(intelligent  )
  •  Monkey: Mongulgibu/Mongulyana(miracle)
  • Elephant: Kuengawo/Ananda (listening skill)

Critical roles played by the disciples in nourishing and developing Buddhism initially planted by Buddha