Bhutan offers varieties of Hotels with great excellent quality service and top priority view points and let to experience the authentic happiness of Bhutan during your tour. With the unique location of Bhutan’s enabled the resorts that offers yoga with natural view set up, all time freshness & delightful cuisine straight from the organic gardens of Bhutan and plenty of nature adventure activities among the mystic Himalayan peaks of Bhutan with never ending beauty of Bhutan.

Bhutan Luxurious Hotels

Bhutan also has the most luxurious hotels that are by nature most beautiful and let you feel luxurious during your stay here in Bhutan.

Aman Kora Resort Bhutan

Aman Kora welcomes all of you to Bhutan the Land of Bhutan with a unique extravagance experience and makes you wander through the magical forest of Bhutan in the midst of blue pine forest where traditional Bhutanese architecture is well blended with the intimate luxury touch of Aman Kora. Aman Kora Resort in Bhutan is the chain hotels which are in different parts of Bhutan like in Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey and Bumthang.

Uma Como Resort Bhutan

Uma Como Resort Bhutan is a place where luxurious feeling is redefined again and a master piece of rich Bhutanese culture and traditional where the wellbeing of the client is the top priority by the resort. The resort promises a pure sense of a Bhutanese feeling while the world renowned distinctive touch of Como Resorts only adds more glamour and opulence for a wellness break of a life time. The luxury rooms combine the colorful accents of traditional Bhutanese craftsmanship with the contemporary design for which UMA COMO Hotels are known. Uma Como Resort is also the chain hotel in Bhutan like in Paro, Punakha and Gangtey.

Tashi Taj Bhutan

Tashi Taj: In heart of the Thimpu city where you will meet luxurious pure and unspoiled beauty of magical Bhutan that you will experience the happiness of Bhutan. A place where you will see rich Bhutanese architecture and the modern style of Taj brand has unified to create a luxurious retreat on the land of happiness.

Le Meridien Bhutan

The Le Méridien are hotel in Thimphu city and Paro valley that invites the discerning guest to engage and discover the legendary ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ with the philosophy of the Land of Happiness, Bhutan.

Nak Sel Boutique Resort & Spa Bhutan

Nak Sel Boutique Resort is eco friendly and Energy Saver efficient blends the heritage of traditional Bhutanese architecture and the comfort of modern amenities.  Nak Sel Boutique is located in Paro Valley where is rich in culture, adventure, and heritage of this Himalayan Kingdom range of Bhutan.

Dhensa Boutique Resort Bhutan

At Dhensa Boutique Resort you will get next level of feeling luxurious during your tour to Bhutan in Punakha one of the Historical place that you must be there when you come Bhutan. Dhensa also give you the most beautiful view and Punakha valley and with freshness in you.

Terma Lingca Resort & Spa Bhutan

Terma Linca Resort & Spa is located right at the entrance to the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu just near river side. The natural beauty of the river that meanders through the valley depending on the season creates a natural soundtrack to your stay. The fresh air of valley and the aroma of seasonal flowers stimulate the senses and the stunning mountain landscape surrounding the resort gives a sense that you have truly reached a perfect destination.

Zhiwaling Hotel Bhutan

Enjoy first class hospitality by an attentive team of professionals and train team that offers qualify service to you. Beautiful stay In Hotel Zhiwaling, at Paro, Bhutan. This hotel has been recognized by the National Geographic as one of the Unique Lodges of the World. ZhiwaLing is an architectural gem that unites tradition and modern architecture. The buildings are beautiful with their classic carved and painted wood, the tea house and spa most relaxing and our room large and comfortable.

Gangtey Lodge

Gangtey Lodge is almost Heaven on Earth. This hotel is an amazing boutique hotel with only 12 suites. The view over the Valley is breathtaking to the wonderfully set log fire and heated neck rests on the balcony. The rooms are luxurious and comfortable, the food amazingly delicious and the staff wonderfully trained.

Tashi Namgay Resort

The hotel was well located, close to the airport and next to the river. The rooms were comfortable, with good wifi and the restaurant and bar were of a very good standard. The rooms have a beautiful view of the river and the airport and are of reasonable size. The bathroom is not well lit at all and it takes time to decode that the taps on the wash basin have hot and cold in reverse to the standard, though surprisingly the shower did have it right way.